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7 weeks later and I'm done

Interesting results from the past 7 weeks. My weight and body fat have all stayed the exact same, however, my cholesterol went up! My levels all did the opposite of what I expected. LDL went up. HDL went down. Tri went down. Ratio went up. How strange.

My husband and I went over everything we could think of... Did I increase any saturated fats- no. Did I eat Beyond Burgers, etc. instead of meat? Not even once. I went 100% off all animal products with the exception of my collagen.

The only thing we can think of is that it was too short of a time span to guage what was happening and perhaps it was the Christmas and New Year indulgence lag that wasn't picked up on the first reading yet. Then it slowly went up as I was on the vegan diet.

Anyway, my doctor called and told me to go off the plant-based diet, as it didn't seem to be helping and to go on a statin. Ugh. So much for that trial!!

I will say that my joints felt much better. But now I am watching other foods to see how they will affect my joints. It's a good baseline. Pain-free. :)

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