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Day 2

Updated: Jan 9

Today I went to the doctor, had all my vitals taken (120/76 BP, pulse 64). Feeling okay with the exception of terrible wrist pain, ankle pain and shoulder pain. Pretty standard stuff.

I ended the day yesterday with 100 grams of protein and had a decent lift day. Been sleeping for about 6.5 hours a night and getting a fair or good score according to my watch.

I have realized that pea protein doesn't taste good in large doses, so will be sprinkling that into things throughout the day. :)

Not much more to report aside from it being a bit of an inconvenience to stay away from animal products. But, I am trying out some new JUST eggs (plant based), tempeh and tofu dishes. The family hasn't reacted too bad yet. We will see how long it lasts. Ha.

Just got my results back from yesterday.

total cholesterol = 217 H

HDL = 53

TRI= 164 H

LDL = 134 H

ratio = 4.1

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