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Days 4-6

My Lumen scores have been crazy lately. I have been tracking my macros with the lumen app and yesterday ate 230 grams of carbs, 83 grams of protein and 53 grams of fat. Around 2000 calories. I lifted for 45 minutes and walked on the treadmill with HR around 115 for 20 minutes. I blew a 1 today which means I am burning fat rather than carbs. Your morning measurement is important because it shows what you are burning while sleeping.

I just shoveled heavy snow for an hour and am going to test again in a bit to see how it is now, but I have been surprised that my carbs are so much higher than their recommended grams (typically 75-90) and I have been blowing around a 2 most mornings.

Other than that, my body still has joint pain and my weight is relatively stable. Energy is about the same and sleeping is still good according to my fitbit watch.

Not much more to report at this point.

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