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Week 2 wrap up

I am starting to hit a rhythm with eating plant based. My body feels slightly better, but not drastically better yet. The week coming up I am going to be dropping all processed foods coming from bags or boxes and see if simply going with products that just have 1-2 ingredients on the ingredient list will help. My main obstacle will be my trip up to see my dad in Wisconsin, where there is really nothing healthy on the menu at the places he likes to go to. He is 99 and likes his comfort food. I guess he has earned that!!

I will be prepping a lot of my meals before the trip and bring them up with me so that I won't be tempted to throw in the towel.

I haven't lost any weight yet and not counting calories. I am just eating cleaner and no animal products. Protein continues to be a problem and I am not a fan of the pea protein powder that I have been adding to things to get close to my targets. It is a bit grainy and not as smooth as whey, but still tolerable.

Until next time....

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