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What a difference! And not in a good way. :(

This past weekend was Superbowl Sunday. It is also almost Valentine's Day, which happens to be on Ash Wednesday (fasting day). So, I decided to give all of the treats to my kids last weekend so that they could indulge all weekend with yummies before Valentine's day, since we won't be eating sweets.

On Friday, I went to the post office and popped a package in the mail for my son with treats. Once that first bag of Reese's was opened, it was over. My cravings started up immediately after 'just one' and I gave in. That pretty much continued all weekend, through the Superbowl.

I got terrible headaches after each time I ate sugar, but muscled through it. I had a bite of my daughters hamburger which hurt my stomach (or was it the fries? I haven't been eating any fried foods at all this year). I had a dozen homemade chicken nuggets. At that point I wasn't sure what was causing which aliment, but this morning I woke up barely able to get out of bed because of all of my joint pain. So, for this last week (or until I feel back to normal again), I am bringing it home 100% and then will be adding in small amounts of meat (NO sugar) to see how that goes.

I have always known that sugar does crazy things to my body and joints, so I need to separate the meat (and dairy, etc) from this. I am surprised that dairy is not harder for this Wisconsin girl. I love cheese almost as much as sugar. But it was not a problem for me over the past 6 weeks.

In the end, this may be longer than a 6 week journey since I messed up so bad over the past 3 days. But I should be able to get back on track fairly painlessly and move on, pain free.

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